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Drag Queen Meatball Roasts George Santos And Meghan McCain For Missing The Point Of Her Viral Parody Performance

With the launch of her new podcast, former The View co-host Meghan McCain continued to prove her bonafides as a serious political commenter by… inviting indicted Congressman George Santos on her show as a guest. Yup, that’ll do it.

During the interview, the two praised a February 2023 performance where drag queen Meatball parodied Santos, who was making headlines at the time for his seemingly endless trail of lies and his recently uncovered past as a drag queen himself. McCain called the performance a “badge of honor” while Santos said it was “flattering” and “hilarious.”

However, the two found themselves being mocked by Meatball, who said they both missed the point.

“I have been dying to know what he thought about the performance since it went viral seven months ago, and I am gagged, to say the least,” Meatball told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m honored that Congressman George Santos thought I did a good job, but, his husband is right. It was a clear mockery.”

Meatball went on to note that McCain and Santos clearly don’t know how parody works.

“I do believe they both misunderstood the context and intent of the performance,” she said before roasting Santos even more. “Every day I become more and more obsessed with the news surrounding Congressman Santos and his inability to read the room or have any awareness to how he’s being perceived. The delusion is what I love, and I think a lot of drag queens live in a world surrounded by delusions, so, maybe that’s why I feel so connected to my king, George Santos. Politics is just drag with money?

You can watch Meatball’s performance below:

(Via Entertainment Weekly)