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Jimmy Kimmel Is ‘Telling You Right Now, Donald Trump Is Going To Jail’

Jimmy Kimmel made a bold proclamation about Donald Trump on Tuesday night, and the late night host has the goods to back up. The former president experienced back-to-back blows this week courtesy of Jenna Ellis and Mark Meadows, and Kimmel is confident that these developments will put Trump away.

“I’m telling you right now, Donald Trump is going to jail,” Kimmel said during his monologue before breaking down how Trump just took a hit in the January 6 indictment he’s facing in Washington D.C. and the RICO charges he’s battling in Georgia.

“Today alone, [Trump’s] former chief of staff Mark Meadows we learned has immunity in the January 6 case. He will testify that he repeatedly told Trump that the allegations of voting fraud were baseless, which is the opposite of what Trump says,” Kimmel said via The Daily Beast. “His former lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to felony charges of aiding and abetting false statements in the Georgia election tampering case, and will likely testify against her former client.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Kimmel noted a third legal blow that slipped under the radar.

“Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, testified against him in the fraud trial in New York today,” Kimmel said before joking, “Half of Trump’s lawyers are trying to keep him out of prison, the other half are trying to keep themselves out of prison.”

Kimmel then highlighted a recent clip where Trump called Cohen a “proven liar,” and the late night host agreed.

“He is a liar,” Kimmel quipped. “He lied for you. He was your lawyer who mortgaged his own house to pay off the porn star you asked to spank your fat, pink ass with a Forbes magazine.”

(Via The Daily Beast)