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Netflix Viewers All Seem To Have The Same Issue With ‘Pact Of Silence’

A thrilling Netflix telenovela about an orphan out for revenge against a group of teen girls who abandoned her as a baby has left fans frustrated as hell thanks to one simple-to-solve plot hole.

The streamer’s latest hit, Pact of Silence, tells the story of Brenda, a powerful social media influencer with millions of followers and too much time on her hands. So much in fact that, despite her success and wealth, she’s obsessed with finding her biological mom, and her mom’s school-aged best friends, after they left her to die as a newborn. Brenda hopes to track the now-grown women down, one by one, to discover who her real mother is and punish the lot of them for the trauma and suffering she endured while homeless and living alone as a young girl in Mexico.

Which, fine. That sounds like a pretty sh*tty thing for a parent to do, even if they were just a scared teen girl at a private boarding school terrified of what their parents would think. And, technically, Brenda wants to give each of the girls their comeuppance, so while she’s saved something particularly nasty for her bio mom, all of the women will eventually suffer her wrath. But the show drags viewers along for 18 (yes 18!) episodes, making them question who actually gave birth to the baby in a past timeline as Brenda pursues her form of f*cked-up justice. And that long, drawn-out reveal has really struck a nerve with fans on social media, especially since in 2023, the year of our lord Taylor Swift, DNA tests are, you know, a thing that exists.

(Via Tudum)