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John Stamos Did Not Remember Filming One Of His Movies Due To His Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Memoirs, memoirs, memoirs. A hefty supply of tell-alls has reached the celebrity-watching audience over the past few weeks, and John Stamos is also here to tell everyone bout his Full House angst in If You Would Have Told Me.

As well, Stamos has opened up about his beef with Tony Danza, and he has detailed his lengthy battle with alcoholism. The situation grew dire, and while filming a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel (released in 2016), he forgot, mid-shoot, that this film was happening and that he was in it. Here’s what he told Howard Stern, via Variety:

“I was just with Rita Wilson and Nia [Vardalos] in Greece and I realized, I forgot that the next day [after the arrest] they said, ‘Oh, you got to go to Toronto, you’re in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,’” Stamos recalled. “I’m like, ‘What?’ I was hammered. I don’t remember being on that set.’”

Stamos detailed how, once he finished with the shoot, his sisters and his agents teamed up to pack his backs and ship him off to rehab. That followed his DUI arrest, which had begun to convince him to seek help for his alcoholism, but he wasn’t quite ready yet, as he left jail and then “drank another bottle of wine by myself.” Fast forward to 2023, and he hasn’t had an alcoholic drink in eight full years.

(Via Howard Stern & Variety)