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Which Murder Doll Would Win In A Fight: Chucky Or M3GAN? We Might Find Out

No offense to Killers of the Flower Moon, Barbie, and Past Lives, but the year in film peaked in January when M3GAN — from the major motion picture M3GAN — did a TikTok dance before killing a bunch of hired goons. It’s all been downhill since, but there’s a way to save cinema: M3GAN vs. Chucky.

It could happen! In an interview with Variety, Child’s Play and Syfy/USA Network’s Chucky creator Don Mancini discussed the proliferation of murder dolls in pop culture with not only M3GAN but also Annabelle.

“He really has to contend with legitimate new contenders to the throne like M3GAN and Annabelle,” he said. “He has to deal with that place for himself in the pop culture world and that’s how we really touch the ground with Chucky. We give this off-the-wall character a crisis that has the sting of real pain and real life. But it just makes him angrier and you know what happens when Chucky gets angry.” He gets stabby.

As for whether Chucky and M3GAN could pull a Freddy vs. Jason (the dolls are NBCUniversal properties), Mancini teased, “I would say, stay tuned.” I know who would win: me, when I stuff both dolls in a laundry bag and kick them off a cliff.

(Via Variety)