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Kristen Stewart Revealed That Her First Kiss Was On-Screen With A Co-Star

It’s easy to forget how long Kristen Stewart has been starring in movies. The Crimes of the Future actress made her on-screen debut 23 years ago in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, the prequel to The Flintstones that replaced John Goodman and Rick Moranis as Fred and Barney with Mark Addy and one of the Baldwins. But her breakthrough performance two years later with David Fincher’s Panic Room. She was 12 years old. Like many child actors, she had a lot of “firsts” on screen, including her first kiss.

Stewart revealed on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live that her first kiss was with Jamie Bell in the forgotten 2004 movie Undertow. When host Andy Cohen acted with surprise, she replied, “Yeah, but it’s not like we were literally making out. “It was a bit of a peck, but I was 13 or 14.”

Stewart was “so nervous” and “freaking out,” but Bell was a little gentleman. “And then the director [David Gordon Green],” she continued, “he could tell I was just red and f*cking non-responsive. And he was like, ‘It’s just little butterfly kisses.’ And I was like, ‘That didn’t help! Whatever that means, I don’t understand it!’” Hopefully Stewart worked out her feelings at the Blink-182 / Green Day / Jimmy Eat World show, her first concert.

You can watch the Watch What Happens Live interview above.