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Tracy Morgan Knows He Could Have Been Speaker Of The House Because George Santos Told Him So: ‘I Believe Him’

Tracy Morgan is the ultimate talk show guest. You never know what he’s going to say or what’s he going to do. He as unpredictable as his infamous airport singing. Such was the case on Thursday night when he visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and proceeded to go on a tangent about how he was almost the next Speaker of the House.

“I could’ve been speaker,” Morgan told Fallon. “My game is good. How do you think I got my wife to marry me? Lying.”

While Fallon completely lost it at that last line, Tracy continued to tout his skills as the only man who can bring both parties together.

Via Decider:

“I’m telling you, who could get the Democrats and the Republicans together better than old Tray-Bae?”

Fallon supported Morgan’s venture, telling him, “That’s what I’m talking about! We get Tracy Morgan in and they get everyone together!”

Morgan then revealed that he knows the House Speaker gig could’ve been his because he already has a powerful supporter in Congress. A man who thinks that Tracy would’ve been “perfect” for the job: George Santos.

“And I believe him, ’cause he invented breakdancing,” Tracy declared. “I remember, out there, doing the back spins and all that, George Santos!”

Morgan also has an in with Donald Trump.

“One time [Trump] came over to the house, and he had six boxes, and it said ‘Top Secret’ on there,” Morgan told Fallon. “I said ‘What’s in these boxes?’ He said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’”

(Via Decider)