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Diddy Goes ‘Off The Grid’ And Loses Control In A Wild Relationship In The Trailer For His New Short Film

Diddy recently returned to his first love, music, with a new album titled, fittingly, The Love Album: Off The Grid. Unlike many of his past projects, though, it was less of a rap album than a survey of modern R&B, from throwback neo-soul sounds to the murky “PBR&B” style pioneered by The Weeknd a little over a decade ago.

But Diddy being Diddy, he couldn’t just put out an album or even go on a tour. He’s always got his hands in a lot of pies, and this time, it looks like he wants to extend his empire into movies. Today, the music mogul shared a trailer for Off The Grid: The Movie, a film inspired by his new album. The trailer, which features songs from the album, finds Diddy and go-star Eva Apio circling each other emotionally while struggling to keep each other at arms’ length.

From shooting flamethrowers in the desert to apparently running from and eventually kidnapping a police officer, Off The Grid appears to depict a Sid & Nancy-style relationship and all its self-destructive consequences. In a press release, Diddy said of his co-star: “This movie is an extension of the album’s soul. It’s not just about the music but about the stories, emotions, and experiences behind each song. Working with Eva Apio was an incredible experience; her talent and energy brought my vision to life.”

The trailer alleges the short film is coming soon to theaters. For now, though, you can check out the trailer above and listen to The Love Album here.