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When Will Surprise Box-Office Hit ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Be On Streaming?

A group of mass-murdering animatronics managed to scare up big numbers at the box office over the weekend, but for fans who couldn’t trek to theaters to see the latest horror hit, Five Nights At Freddy’s, we’ve got good news … it’s already streaming.

The Josh Hutcherson-starring thriller based on the popular video game landed in theaters and on Peacock over the weekend as part of Universal and Blumhouse’s day-and-date streaming release plan. Though the streaming platform isn’t free, a subscription to Peacock costs just $5.99 per month — considerably less than a movie ticket. Despite being cheaper to stream, the Emma Tammi-directed horror flick drew some pretty impressive crowds to theaters, toppling Taylor Swift’s box office reign and outperforming expectations with a massive $80 million domestic debut.

“The IP is ridiculously popular, and Blumhouse and our director Emma Tammi did an amazing job of translating that to the big screen,” Universal’s president of domestic distribution Jim Orr told Variety. “The genre lends itself to people wanting to experience it together.”

Produced by horror maestro Jason Blum, the film sees Hutcherson playing a security guard working the night shift at a kitschy kid’s eaterie called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza — a fast food joint with some eerie similarities to Chuck E. Cheese. The difference between the two? The cutesy animatronic performers at Freddy’s are more interested in torturing than entertaining patrons — especially after closing time.

According to Blum, who posted a thank you to fans showing up in theaters for the film’s debut, Five Nights At Freddy’s has become the company’s biggest opening of all time.

(Via Variety)