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Is City Girls’ JT Changing Her Rap Name?

Miami rap duo City Girls has a new album out, but that isn’t stopping one of the group’s members from considering a name change to help her solo career out. JT recently admitted that her rap name is a little less than ideal from a search optimization standpoint after a fan on Twitter noted that efforts to get her name trending were futile since it’s just two letters. “I think I should change my rap name but to what?” she asked her followers.

Does this mean the rapper is officially changing her name?

Well, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for her to do so. In 2021, another rising rap star, Latto, changed her name after receiving some backlash over her prior nom de guerre. At the time, she explained why following through on those plans can be complicated with big implications for a career already in motion. “I want [my fans] to also understand that the name change at this level in your career is a big decision,” she said. “Freaking investors, labels, everything has been riding on this name, so it is a big decision.”

Also in 2021, Yung Baby Tate shortened her own name to just Baby Tate, which is admittedly a little catchier. Should JT decide to change her name, it’ll mean updating a lot of contracts and online info, but her fans’ responses suggest that at least a new one could still be recognizable; options suggested included “Jay Tea,” “The Girl JT” (based on her Twitter handle), or even just “Jatavia” — a strategy that has worked for her partner Yung Miami, whose talk show Caresha Please uses her real first name.