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Charles Barkley Got Victor Wembanyama To Say He Has No Clue What Churros Are

Victor Wembanyama sat down with the Inside the NBA crew on Tuesday night in the aftermath of the San Antonio Spursshocking 115-114 win over the Phoenix Suns. After getting the usual slate of questions that unsurprisingly popped up after San Antonio came back from a double-digit fourth quarter deficit to beat Kevin Durant and co., Charles Barkley made it a point to give us some pretty compelling television by asking Wembanyama a simple question: “How do you say ‘churro’ in French?”

What came next was a, quite frankly, hilarious back-and-forth that revolved around the fact that Wembanyama has never heard of a churro before.

“Churro?” Wembanyama asked. “What is that?”

“Churro!” Barkley responded. “You know what churro is! You’ve been in San Antonio long enough!”

Kenny Smith and Barkley both said it was a dessert, with Barkley describing it as “the long doughnut,” which did not ring and bells for the French rookie and also is not a way that I have ever heard anyone describe a churro. By this point, Wembanyama’s interest was piqued, and asked the fine folks in San Antonio to help him out.

“What? I’ve never heard of that,” Wembanyama said. “San Antonio people, put me on that ASAP. I need to try that.”

Barkley has long associated churros with the city of San Antonio, and has made clear that he likes eating them, so hopefully he can lend Wembanyama a hand here.