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‘The View’ Roasted Self-Conscious Meatball Ron DeSantis For Having ‘Barbie Feet’ Thanks To His Alleged Boot Lifts

Reports of Ron DeSantis allegedly putting lifts in his cowboy boots has sparked a hilarious political scandal, and The View wasted no jumping in on the fun.

During Thursday morning’s episode, co-host and Florida resident Ana Navarro went to town on DeSantis after the governor denied the allegations despite convincing photographic evidence to the contrary.

“There’s no foot in that boot! He has Barbie feet!” Navarro said via Decider. “Call me petty, and I know you will… I am relishing and enjoying this story so much because honestly, he has been terrorizing my drag queen friends in Florida well over a year because he has said men in heels are a threat to society. It’s too bad he has no drag queen friends because they would have taught him how to walk in heels.”

However, co-host Sara Haines wasn’t a fan of the topic. “There is plenty to pick apart about Ron DeSantis that I don’t think it’s the right tone to pick on his height,” she said.

Navarro wasn’t having it and defended the boot discussion. “It was a complete self-own by Ron DeSantis,” Navarro argued. “Donald Trump’s words got into his head that he’s got a Napoleonic complex!”

As for fellow conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin, she thinks the boot issue won’t be a political liability for the Florida governor because he has a much bigger issue on the campaign trail that was evident in his denial.

“The reason he’s never gonna be President is not the fact that he’s likely wearing high heels, it’s his answer to that clip,” Griffin said. “The lack of charisma is astounding.”

(Via Decider)