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Body language expert shares 3 dead giveaways that someone is attracted to you on a date

Figuring out if your date is into you can be like reading a map—everyone has their own set of signs and signals, and some people’s can be hard to read. Plus, we all want to put our best foot forward, so we might not let our true feelings show right away, either. It’s like trying to win a friendly game of guess-who.

The problem is that in the fast-moving world of online dating, mixed signals can lead to missed connections.

So, body language expert Kate Kali posted a video sharing the ‘3 Nonverbal Sings That Someone Finds You Attractive.”


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1. They touch you, even if it’s momentary

“If they touch you in any way, even if it’s like a little brush or they just kind of touch your shoulder for a second, that’s a pretty sure sign that they’re interested in you,” she says. “Typically in a dating scenario, if somebody touches you, they’re actually subconsciously—and sometimes quite consciously—testing out what it feels like to be physically connected to you.”

2. Dilated pupils

“If someone’s pupils dilate, they are definitely into you. The eyes are connected to the heart—that’s a Chinese face-reading thing—and when the pupils dilate, they are quite literally, physiologically, trying to take in more of you,” Kali says.

3. Watch their belongings

“You will notice that couples or people that are dating that are into each other will subconsciously and slowly, over time, get their drinks closer together,” Kali explains. Conversely, if your date moves their things away from you, it could mean they aren’t interested yet.