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Earthgang’s ‘Blacklight’ Single Featuring Spillage Village Is A Radically Funky Soundtrack For Unconditional Acceptance

As their name suggests, the duo Earthgang is tapped into their worldly surroundings. This constant connective is often manifested in their releases, such as their introspective single “Die Today” and even on the pop-culture spectrum of “Bobby Boucher.” Their latest track, “Blacklight,” featuring Spillage Village, does the same.

Instead of focusing on themselves, the group uses the funky Nandish “Dish” Patel-produced record to create a radical soundtrack for unconditional acceptance of self.

“I know, sometimes you hate yourself / I know, sometimes you need some help, but, it’s hard to find / Slowly find yourself here in my bed / Confessin’ things while my fingers run through your hair / I ain’t gon’ diagnose you, I ain’t gon’ try to fix you / You could treat this present moment like a real-life Finsta / All the things you did that you could never tell your mom or sister / All that sh*t you pray about that weigh you down, yeah, I forgive you / What gets you wetter than acceptance? You ain’t gotta be no angel in my presence / We all got a past that points to where we headed / Ain’t it funny how your scars all point in my direction,” raps Johnny Venus.

Earthgang implores listeners to embrace themselves beyond their visible flawless but what only a blacklight can detect.

The track is the first offering from the group’s forthcoming project, Earthgang Vs. the Algorithm Vol. 2: ROBOPHOBIA. In a statement, Earthgang shared the inspiration behind the body of work. “There’s so much happening in the world. As we know, our inner state reflects our outer state. This record is for anyone having inner change, a metamorphosis, a period of feeling out of balance while you cocoon for your butterfly season,” read the note.

Listen to Earthgang’s new single “Blacklight” above.

Earthgang is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.