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Ozzy Osbourne’s granddaughter has the most wholesome reaction to seeing him on TV

Ozzy Osbourne is a grandfather. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that rock icons are actual human beings that age, have children of their own that produce grandchildren. Instead of screaming lyrics into a crowd with running eyeliner, more often than not Ozzy is just being a normal “papa” as his granddaughter Maple calls him.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s two youngest children both recently welcomed their own children into the world. Jack welcomed his 4th daughter, Maple in 2021 and Kelly welcomed her first child, Sidney, a boy in 2022. The Osbournes currently have a family podcast with Sharon, Ozzy, Kelly and Jack so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they spend time with their grandchildren just like any other grandparents.

But it was a sweet wholesome moment caught on video that has people gushing over baby Maple and her grandpa, Ozzy, who she calls “papa.”

Ozzy was performing on TV like most of us are used to seeing, but for Maple, it was a new experience. When she saw him on the television signing into a microphone, she couldn’t help but think he was performing just for her. The toddler watched her grandpa intently while repeating “papa, papa.” So clearly recognizing the man on stage with his hair in his face as her beloved papa.

Jack is sitting and smiling next to her watching the little girl excitedly recognize her famous grandpa. E News shared the sweet clip on TikTok where it racked up over 2.2 million likes and commenters can’t get over her adorable reaction.

“Omg! I love this! Imagine growing up to learn your grandpa is Ozzy Osbourne,” one person says.

“And this is how you know what kind of grandpa Ozzy is,” another comments.

“I could be wrong but I think Ozzy is Maple’s person,” someone writes.

While others were a bit mind blown that Ozzy is an actual grandpa. It’s just confirmation that these guys are just normal people with kind of wild jobs.

“Hearing Ozzy called “papa” is a trip in itself. I’m so old,” someone says.

“Ozzy has been a lot of things from Prince of Darkness to reality TV star. However, I think being a papa has been my favorite,” another commenter writes.

Well, Ozzy, if comments were a judge, seems like the consensus is, ya done good! Maple is certainly a fan. You can watch the sweet moment below.


#OzzyOsbourne’s number 1 fan? His granddaughter. 🥺❤️ (🎥: @jackosbourne)