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Pete Buttigieg Had A Moving Response To House Speaker Mike Johnson’s LGBTQIA+ Views: ‘Maybe We’ll Just Have Him Over’

The good news: After three weeks of chaos, the House of Representatives has a new Speaker, and it’s not Jim Jordan. The bad news: It’s Mike Johnson. The Louisiana lawmaker may not be a loud MAGA cheerleader like Jordan or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but he still holds some out-there views, including statements against the LGBTQIA+ community. But instead of warring against him, Pete Buttigieg is taking the high road.

The transportation secretary went on The Late Show Thursday, where host Stephen Colbert asked him about Johnson’s past statements about how same-sex marriage is a “dark harbinger of chaos.”

“Look,” he said, after sighing, “I’ll work with anybody who can help us get good transportation available to the American people.”

He then said, “I don’t know, maybe we’ll just have him over.” He continued:

“If he could see what it’s like when I come home from work, and Chas is bringing the kids home from daycare or vice versa, and one of us is getting the Mac and Cheese ready and the other’s microwaving those freezer meatballs, which are a great cheat code if you’ve got a toddler and you need to feed them quickly, and one won’t take their shoes off and one needs a diaper change.”

Buttigieg added, “Everything about that is chaos, but nothing about this is dark.” He concluded by saying, “The love of God is in that household.”

Johnson was hardly a household name before he got his current gig, but after his views became well-known, he’s been a source of outrage — and jokes.

(Via HuffPost)