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Donald Trump’s Predictably Messy Testimony (And The Equally Messy Courtroom Sketch Of Him On The Stand) Have The Jokes Flying

Donald Trump took the stand on Monday in the civil fraud case levied against him by the state of New York. To the surprise of no one, the former president was a difficult witness as he repeatedly went off on tangents and called Attorney General Letitia James and other court officials “haters.”

Judge Arthur Engoron had to warn Trump’s attorneys several times to rein in their client. However, Trump persisted in rambling on during his answers, prompting prosecutors to openly joke about his inability to get to the point. It was an unmitigated disaster for Trump, so naturally, he said the exact opposite while addressing reporters outside the courtroom.

“I think you saw what I had to say today and it was very conclusive. Everything we did was exactly right,” Trump said via CNN before calling the proceedings a scam. “But, anyway, this is a case that should have never been brought and it’s a case that should be immediately dismissed.”

In a way, Trump is going to get his wish. The case is going to be over soon, but probably not for reasons that the former president will like. With Trump’s meandering testimony on the record, the attorney general’s office is ready to rest its case after Ivanka Trump testifies on Wednesday.

Naturally, social media had a field day with Trump’s responses while on the stand. You can see some of his more outrageous moments below:

People were also tickled by the courtroom sketch of the former president, which prompted several jokes about the size of his hands. You can see those reactions below:

(Via CNN)