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The Eagles Beat The Cowboys As Dallas’ Last Play Came Up Just Short Of The End Zone

The fourth quarter of Cowboys-Eagles in Philadelphia was

With 10 minutes to go and the Eagles up 28-17, Luke Schoonmaker caught what was initially ruled a touchdown on 4th and goal, but upon review it was determined his knee was down while being contacted before he brought the ball over the goal line, resulting in a turnover on downs.

From there, the Cowboys would force a 3-and-out and would drive for a touchdown that, this time, actually counted to pull within 5.

On the two-point conversion it appeared Dak Prescott got in on a scramble to the pylon, but once again review showed the Cowboys coming up painfully short, as Prescott stepped out on his last step before diving for the score. That meant Dallas was down 5 instead of 3, which was important as they’d force another 3-and-out and get the ball back. For some reason, they decided to try and make that their last drive of the game, but stalled out and couldn’t kick a field goal to tie the game, meaning they had to go for it on 4th and 8. Prescott rather bizarrely chose to throw a jump ball to Jalen Tolbert in tight coverage, which got broken up with just over a minute to play.

Once again, Dallas’ defense stood tall and forced a 3-and-out — and nearly got a fumble on third down that the Eagles managed to jump on — and the Cowboys got one more crack at a game-winning TD. They would get the ball all the way down to the 6, largely on Philly penalties as there was a DPI that got them to midfield on the first play, a roughing the quarterback, and an offsides all in succession. However, at that point, Dallas decided it was their turn to make mistakes with a false start and then a sack, an incompletion, and a delay of game that pushed them all the way back to the 27.

That set up a final play where Dak found CeeDee Lamb at the 2-yard-line, but he was unable to get through the wall of Eagles defenders to the end zone, with the Cowboys coming up painfully short for a third time in the fourth quarter to a crucial score.

The win gives the Eagles some serious cushion in the NFC East and in the chase for the NFC’s 1-seed, while the Cowboys will feel like they left a ton of points on the board in the fourth quarter and should have won that game. Prescott had 374 yards and 3 touchdowns in a generally terrific performance, but their issues finishing off drives and with mental mistakes persisted. On the other side, Philly created fewer scoring chances but got four touchdowns out of the opportunities they did make, which proved the difference in this game.