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George R.R. Martin Is Getting Spicy Amid Pushback After He Announced A New Book (Nope, Not ‘The Winds Of Winter’)

George R.R. Martin readers should know by now that The Winds of Winter is not guaranteed to arrive, sooner or later. It could very well never arrive which is a surprisingly logical conclusion to reach, but remember, Martin promised that readers could imprison him if he didn’t finish that much anticipated epic novel by a specified 2020 date. That date came and went, and Martin has since been busy with a seeming array of TV producing duties and so on. He even had a hefty hand in AMC’s Dark Winds, which made some people wonder if Martin was trolling them with the title.

That probably wasn’t the case, but it felt like Martin was conceivably trolling people by recently announcing “THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES COOKBOOK!” This volume will come with Dothraki recipes and everything, but a whole heaping helping of jokey responses about The Winds of Winter were volleyed his way on social media.

Fast forward a week or so, and maybe Martin is getting tired of people taking this cookbook thing kind-of personally. The author decided to push back on the pushback by tweeting a meme of “What everyone thinks I’m doing all day” and “What I’m actually doing…” In the former category, he’s standing in front of aliens, and in the latter, he’s writing… something.

So perhaps this is all getting under his skin after all. GRRM’s faithful readers have been jonesing for The Winds Of Winter for a long time, but perhaps everyone should simply leave GRRM alone, but also, maybe no more Game of Thrones cookbook announcements for awhile.