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The Peanuts Are Getting Their First AppleTV+ Movie, With Charlie And Gang Heading To The Big City

TV used to be lousy with Peanuts specials. They started in 1965, with the beloved A Charlie Brown Christmas, and there used to be about one a year into the ‘80s, when they slowed down and, well, got not so good. Apple scooped up the specials back in 2020, with plans to make new shows. Now they’re working on a new movie — the gang’s first since the pretty good one from 2015.

Per Variety, the as-yet-untitled film will follow Snoopy, Charlie, et al. as they go on, per Apple, “an epic adventure to the Big City.’ Which big city? Maybe it’s an amalgam of a bunch, as in Babe: Pig in the City. Along the way they’ll be “ learning the true meaning of friendship, while meeting some surprising new friends along the way.” The story, if not the script, is credited to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz’s son Craig, his son Bryan, and Bryan’s writing partner Cornelius Uliano, keeping it all in the family.

It’s good news, and maybe it’s good enough to make up for one sad development: This year the aforementioned Christmas special won’t air on ABC, as it did for decades. There is a very popular petition to get it back on the airwaves this year, but that might not be enough to fix rights issues, which is what’s keeping it off the air. At least those with an AppleTV+ subscription can watch it at their leisure, along with plenty of other classic Peanuts specials, like that one where Charlie spends the New Year’s school break lugging around a giant copy of War and Peace, which is honestly a good way to spend the holidays.

(Via Variety)