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Nicki Minaj Will Consider Dropping An EP Of Unreleased Songs Before ‘Pink Friday 2’

Nicki Minaj will celebrate her birthday by dropping Pink Friday 2, her fifth studio album, on December 8. Minaj switched from her original release date because November 17 is also when 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne plan to drop their joint album, Welcome 2 ColleGrove (as noted by Billboard). Nonetheless, Barbz are clinging to any and all hope that Minaj will still release new music of any sort before December 8.

On Saturday, November 4, Minaj went on Live to play snippets of unreleased songs. Around the same time, she posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), “I think an EP with these songs is actually a great idea @RepublicRecords.”

Elsewhere on Minaj’s very active (and cluttered) X feed, she disclosed that one of the newly teased unreleased tracks “was gonna be” her first single, “but I was heavily preggers and didn’t feel comfortable. Then there’s a song called ‘Memories’ that would’ve been the second single. Lol. So glad I waited. The album really turned out perfect.”

Minaj also taunted whoever dared taunt her and the Barbz for their excitement for Pink Friday 2 across two posts, as excerpted below:

“Can’t believe everyone cares about what WE do. Y’all don’t got no other album rollout to clock/look forward to? Well thank y’all. From the bottom of my heart. For this constant attention & promo. The barbz are FED. The barbz are HAPPY. Nananabooboo PF2 12.08.23 HEAUX

“The barbz is like the rich kid everybody in the school is jealous of. the ones who parents actually took them on vacation for summer break & sh!t. They always got the new clothes, their parents grease their face b4 they go to school. Hair neatly done & don’t smell like piss.”

Are you not entertained? If not, keep scrolling. There’s more, including a hint that Minaj might drop a single before Pink Friday 2, a poll asking if the Barbz like hearing music ahead of December 8 (a la “Bahm Bahm“), and a question over which artist she should have featured on a newly recorded track “Let Me Calm Down.” See it below.