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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fed A Donkey During His ManningCast Appearance

arnold schwarzenegger donkey manningcast

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest famous person to spend some time during a Monday Night Football broadcast chilling out with Peyton and Eli Manning. Schwarzenegger joined the two for their ManningCast broadcast of the matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and the New York Jets, presumably because he is a well-documented person who rooted for the Chargers once.

Anyway, because he joined the two, Schwarzenegger got the chance to discuss stuff, and also things. And at one point, Schwarzenegger was joined by a special guest — no, not a person, it was instead his donkey, Lulu, who you may remember from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Look at how happy Arnold is to give Lulu a treat! And watch Peyton’s face, because while Eli tries to talk through this like it’s a normal thing — he even makes a joke about how the donkey and Peyton look the same while they’re eating before sending them to break — the future Hall of Fame inductee sat there with a stunned silence and look of shock on his face. I hope Lulu enjoys getting a little something to eat, and then gets to head over to the couch and enjoy a good football game.