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British man shares the 3 ‘amazing’ American foods he thought would be disgusting

Joshua Cauldwell, known as @imjoshfromengland2 on TikTok, often posts humorous videos detailing his observations about American culture—everything from the country’s aggressive driving habits, “exotic” animals and of course, signature foods.

Previously Cauldwell has gushed about dishes like “authentic Texas BBQ” and beef jerky, but in a recent viral clip, he lists the three foods that truly exceeded his expectations.

First up, the good ol’ American corndog.

“Let’s be honest, they do not look appetizing at all,” Cauldwell says of the deep fried sausage on a stick. “You take one look and you think, ‘no thank you!’”

But his tune apparently changed after dipping it in mustard and ketchup.

“It tastes absolutely wonderful!” he exclaims in the clip.

Next: gumbo. A staple stew dish of Louisiana, usually made of multiple meats—seafood, chicken, sausage—along with spices, some veggies and rice. Which, when mixed together, does sort of produce a sloppy brown mess.

“When I first had it I thought…that the guy in the back had just scooped it out the bin,” Cauldwell says, suggesting it looks like something found at the bottom of a trash can.

“However,” he admits, when he took a bite, “it tasted divine.”

Saving the best (and ugliest) for last, Cauldwell noted that biscuits and gravy surprised him the most.

“This straight up looks like vomit, mate. However, you try it, and it is the best American food. It is incredible! I love it!” he says in the clip.

Watch Cauldwell’s enthusiastic review of American foods below:



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Funny enough, Cauldwell isn’t the only Brit to go viral for his shock at how great biscuits and gravy are. Back in June 2023, a group of British schoolboys were equally delighted at the classic Southern breakfast item.

In fact, many weren’t surprised at all that biscuits and gravy were mentioned. One person even commented that “I knew biscuits and gravy would be here.”

It’s alway interesting to see how the mundane, everyday things you might take for granted can seem completely new and fascinating to someone not accustomed to them. Truly, this is the beauty of exploring other cultures. May we all get to explore the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes that humanity has to offer.