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Kayleigh McEnany Is No Fan Of The Unflattering Trump Courtroom Sketches: A ‘Travesty’ That ‘Looks Nothing Like’ Him

Kayleigh McEnany
Fox News

On Monday, Donald Trump took the stand in his New York fraud case. It did not go well. (Although he thought it did.) On top of enraging the judge and almost getting thrown out, the former president was also at the mercy of another courtroom fixture: the sketch artist. The drawings from the trial — news cameras were not allowed in the room — were, to put it mildly, unflattering. Among their critics were one of his former employees-turned-enemies.

Per Mediaite, on Monday’s episode of The Five, Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s fourth and final press secretary, put aside her beef with her former employer to rail against the treatment he’s received.

“Keep doing what he’s doing,” she said after being asked if she had any advice for Trump. “Look, I would advise them to ask for a better sketch artist because that does not look like my former boss there.”

McEnany also railed against New York Attorney General Letitia James for calling Trump a “conman” and “carnival barker,” saying, ““This is a travesty of justice.” She added, “And that sketch is a travesty too. It looks nothing like Trump.”

Here’s the sketch that left McEnany steamed.

Honestly it’s not even the worst of the Trump sketches. Here’s some more.

Trump is surely unhappy with the sketches, just as he was surely unhappy with previous ones, which didn’t make him look so hot either. He’s not the only member of his family peeved at their courtroom sketches: His eldest son, Don Jr., told the sketch artist to make him look “sexy,” and he was nonplussed when he got one that made him look, in his words, like “Kermit the Fricken Frog.”

(Via Mediaite)