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‘The Daily Show’ Guest Host Sarah Silverman Saw Trump’s Testimony As A Missed Opportunity For The *Real* Questions She Would Like Answered

Surprise, surprise. Trump’s courtroom testimony was predictably messy, but his courtroom sketch really turned heads. The work of art actually angered Kayleigh McEnany, but The Daily Show guest host Sarah Silverman observed something different. This had to do with the actual testimony, which was bound to be difficult to take seriously because it was clear that the defendant also didn’t take it seriously.

At one point, Trump even tried to, according to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, yank a paper from his pocket and declare that he’d like to read it aloud. Trump clearly has no clue (nor did his lawyers educate him) about the rules of evidentiary procedure, but he was reportedly “shocked” when Judge Engoron shut his random paper down. Yet Silverman (around the 2:20 mark above) saw this entire hearing as a missed opportunity for getting some real answers:

“If I had Donald Trump under oath, I wouldn’t be wasting time asking about financial statements. This is my chance to find out the answers to every question I’ve had about him ever. Is there a Melania clone? Is there a pee tape? If you had to do a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ with one of your adult sons, would it be both?”

As for Trump’s cluelessness, Silverman is willing to throw him a little slack. “I mean, of course Trump isn’t focused,” she pointed out. “He’s got like seventeen other court cases he’s dealing with. He probably doesn’t even know what he was in court for.” Then came the kicker: “I bet he was on the stand like, ‘Is this the insurrection one, or is this the mushroom-d*ck pornstar one?”

As well, Silverman had an astute observation about House Speaker Mike Johnson’s anti-porn app, which Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on, too. Man, the MAGA crowd’s antics never cease to amaze.