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Soulja Boy Apologized To J. Cole After He Went On A Multiple-Day Rant About The Rapper Online: ‘I Dealt With A Lot Of Hate’

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In the immortal words of Erykah Badu, artists are sensitive about their sh*t. “Malibu” rapper Soulja Boy’s latest social media rant epitomized that. Last week, on Lil Yachty’s podcast A Safe Place, J. Cole shared his initial response to Soulja’s breakthrough 2007 single, “Crank That,” with which he wasn’t thrilled. Soulja was not pleased with the remarks.

Immediately after hearing Cole’s comments, Soulja took to X (formerly Twitter) to blast the rapper. The rant began on November 4 and ended on Monday. But later on that day, Soulja apologized to Cole for his online tangent.

“My bad dawg. J. Cole, sorry for the confusion,” he said. “Keep doing your sh*t. We [are] from two different worlds. I stand on what I stand on. It’s hard coming from where I did, man. I dealt with a lot of hate my whole career, so it was just messed to think it would come from you 💯.”

Just hours prior, Soulja was still on the defense, which confused his followers. Ultimately, another musician stepped in to diffuse the tension, according to Soulja. “Nicki [Minaj] just told me I took what he said wrong,” Soulja said. “And that he was showing love. So I’m gonna let it go. My bad, y’all, I really thought dude was hating on me 🤷🏾‍♂️.”

Read J. Cole’s initial comments below.

My real friends were playing Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon when [Soulja Boy] came out… Whatever the f*ck was poppin’, whatever new rendition of Black culture was penetrating, like, music coming up, in the South, they were on. A lot of that shit for me artistically, and what I stood for morally as an artist, I was conflicted. I turned from a hater to an appreciator. Like, what can I find that’s amazing about this? What can I find that’s good about this? What can I find that’s going on? That sh*t changed me as an artist. I became a better artist.