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The New Box Office Projections For ‘The Marvels’ Are Here And They Are… Uh, Yikes

The Marvels Brie Larson Captain Marvel Sequel

Despite ramping up its marketing campaign and heavily teasing that the film will have an X-Men connection, the box office predictions for The Marvels have continued to plummet. Just last week, the Captain Marvel sequel was already looking at an opening weekend that’s barely half of what the first Brie Larson film pulled in. Those numbers have not gotten any better.

According to Deadline, The Marvels could arrive in theaters with one of the lowest opening weekends in Marvel history as tracking for the sequel keeps dropping:

The Marvels, which is also an extension to Disney+ series WandaVision and Ms. Marvel, has seen its weekend forecast collapse from $75M-$80M three weeks ago to around $60M stateside. Some tracking services, such as Quorum, have lowered their estimates to $50M+. The Marvels opens this Friday.

That’s a domestic opening that low puts the $200M production in the neighborhood of Ant-Man ($57.2M), and lower than Marvel’s November misfire Eternals ($71.2M).

Obviously, international box office is not looking great either. To add insult to injury, Deadline also reports that presales for The Marvels are roughly the same as The Flash, which resulted in yet another massive superhero bomb for Warner Bros.

Marvel used to be the box-office king, but if its movies start performing as badly as the last vestiges of the DCEU, that’s not a great sign. The studio probably should be going into panic mode as Variety reported last week.

The Marvels opens in theaters on November 10.

(Via Deadline)