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Azealia Banks’ Latest Unhinged Rant – This Time About Troye Sivan, For Some Reason – Is Shocking Even By Her Standards

Azealia Banks
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Another day, another toxic Azealia Banks rant. This time, the internet’s most notorious troll has targeted Australian singer/actor Troye Sivan for some reason, accusing him of pedophilia, calling him an “expired twink” and predicting that he’ll “come out as trans next.”

So, what did Sivan do to draw the “212” rapper’s ire? He cited her only actual hit record as his “favorite pre-game” record. That’s right, Banks is going after people who compliment her now, meaning the only safe way to deal with her is to never mention her at all and completely ignore her misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, blatantly attention-craving, bigoted rants entirely, so I never have to write about her again. Deal?

“Your [sic] a late condescending expired twink anyway bitch,” she wrote on Instagram. “We’ve been past 212… Give it up, puberty hit that ass and made u a doofy looking young man. I bet he’ll pull the grift [and] ‘come out’ as trans next.”


Now, to quote John Mulaney, we don’t have time to unpack all of that. But aside from just the raging homophobia on display in calling somebody an “expired twink” (do… twinks expire?), insinuating that trans people are all “pulling a grift” when they are hundreds of times more likely to experience negative discrimination, up to and including violence and murder, is just … heinous.

Kids: Don’t do… any of this. Be a better person than Azealia Banks. Clearly, it’s not even that difficult.