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Kayleigh McEnany Was Beside Herself After Voters Once Again Shot Down The GOP’s Anti-Abortion Rights Stance

Kayleigh McEnany
Fox News

Last year, during Election Day 2022, Republicans got a rude awakening: Their predicted “red wave” was more like a splash in the tub, thanks in part to their draconian stance on abortion. There was much reckoning. Many blamed Donald Trump. (Trump blamed pro-lifers.) Cut to a year later, and the GOP is once again talking abortion restrictions — and their 2024 frontrunner is Donald Trump. Will they ever learn? Probably not. But for now, enjoy one of their bigger stars having an existential meltdown she’ll probably forget about in two or three months.

Per The New York Times, one of the bigger takeaways from an off-Election Day year was that Ohio voters had overwhelmingly voted to enshrine a constitutional right to abortion. (They also legalized marijuana. Hell yeah.) The win comes in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which has led to abortion restrictions in several states — and to massive backlash when put to the voters, as seen Tuesday in the Buckeye State.

After the results came in, McEnany appeared on Hannity, not to spin the decision but to blame themselves.

“On the issue of abortion in Ohio tonight, we continue the losing streak in the pro-life movement,” McEnany lamented. “Every ballot initiative has been lost post-Dobbs for the pro-life movement.”

Should they realized that restricting abortion is a non-starter, a party-killer? Nope. They just need better messaging about taking rights away from women.

“As a party, Sean, we must, we must not just be a pro-baby party. That’s a great thing. We must be a pro-mother party,” McEnany said. “We need a national strategy… to help vulnerable women because the results of next year’s election could be determined by that.”

McEnany also said something revealing — and troubling, at least to the GOP, after that recent poll that shows Trump beating Biden in swing states.

“Kentucky’s a red state. Ohio’s a red state. Mississippi, we don’t know what will happen this evening, we hope that [incumbent GOP governor Tate] Reeves pulls it off, but it is a red state” she said. “Tonight, the midterm elections, the last few elections, we must realize that as a party good polling does not always translate into resounding victory.”

McEnany then pitched some ideas about making voting easier — the very things Republicans have spent the last few years denouncing, as voters tend to vote Democrat: “It must be operationalized, with a mail-in vote strategy, with a voting early strategy, with a get-out-the-vote strategy, to put a tailwind behind those very poor numbers for Biden and very good numbers for Trump.”

But again, if history repeats itself, Republicans won’t learn a damn thing, including that their views are for the most part deeply unpopular with most Americans.

It’s the second day McEnany got mad/sad on-air. On Monday, after Trump’s chaotic court appearance, she had a field day with his unflattering courtroom sketches.

(Via Mediaite and NYT)