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Lauren Boebert Posted A ‘Can I Help You?’ Photo, And People Couldn’t Help Themselves With ‘Beetlejuice’ Jokes

Lauren Boebert
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Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert simply cannot make people forget about her Beetlejuice scandal. If she was a typical public figure, it might be possible for her to duck out of the limelight for a bit, which could conceivably benefit the situation. Yet Boebert needs to keep plugging away in Congress, and she keeps dropping unintentional double entendres like “joy” along with “encounters” and “Southern Border.” It’s not fantastic for her.

It probably also doesn’t make Democrat Bar Guy‘s life easy at his workplace, either, given that his trendy cocktail joint has been review bombed in the aftermath of their frisky public exchange in a theater full of families. In the immediate aftermath of that video footage being released, Boebert insisted that she was attempting to have an evening as a private citizen, but she might be starting to realize that being an elected official means that people are scrutinizing your every move.

People are perhaps also finding enjoyment in how, in all likelihood, Boebert would be pouncing on any opponent who was also caught getting handsy in public. As a result, anything that Boebert posts is fuel for an unfortunate interpretation. For example, she tweeted a photo of herself on the phone (two phones?) with this caption: “Thank you for calling the Office of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, how can I help you today?”

“I love hearing from constituents on how I can amplify their voices as a Member of Congress!” she added.

Were the jokes repeatable here? Most of them, no way. Some of them weren’t too explicit, however, while discussing hands and suggesting movie dates.

Nope, the Beetlejuice adventure is not blowing over anytime soon.