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When Does ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Come Out?

Homelander The Boys
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With the well-received spinoff Gen V now wrapped up, The Boys‘ fans have only one question: When is Season 4 coming out? Well, we’ve got an answer thanks to a flurry of activity on the social media account for the satirical superhero show. (Plus some new posters.)

Right off the bat, The Boys account has confirmed that Season 4 will officially arrive in 2024, which was not a given thanks to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike:

The Boys fans also got an official statement from Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher that offers a profane confirmation of the show’s imminent return:

The following statement was released today by Billy Butcher, through his mate Hugh Campbell, who is much better at this technology shite, former employee of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (“C*NTs”) located in New York, NY, in response to Season 4, coming in 2024: “Oi, we’re f*ckin’ back.”

You can check out the missive from the desk of Billy Butcher below:

Amazon also dropped two new character posters for Season 4 that capitalize on Butcher and Homelander’s show-stopping cameos in the Gen V Season 1 finale that melted fans’ minds.

Here’s The Boys Season 4 poster for Billy Butcher:

The Boys Season 4 Butcher Poster
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And here’s The Boys Season 4 poster for Homelander:

The Boys Season 4 Homelander Poster
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While plot details are still scarce, Season 4 will no doubt pick up the thread of Butcher’s experimentation with Compound V that allowed him to finally go toe-to-toe with Homelander, but at a possibly devastating cost. Use of the serum is out of the question, but Homelander is now more dangerous than ever after the public cheered for him committing murder in public. His reign of terror is just beginning.

The Boys Seasons 1-3 and Gen V Season 1 are now streaming on Prime Video.