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Will ‘GTA 6’ Be On PC?

Grand Theft Auto artwork
Grand Theft Auto Online/Rockstar Games

It’s been a long time coming, but the much anticipated next bit of excellent news for Grand Theft Auto fans arrived this week. That is to say, the GTA 6 trailer will arrive within weeks (early December). There’s no concrete release date for any platform as of yet, but wheels are definitely in motion. Much more so than a year or so ago when a source code leak and resulting gameplay video footage surfaced after a Rockstar Games-cofirmed “network intrusion.”

Since the “when” of GTA 6 remains a mystery, what of the “where”? In all likelihood, PS4 players will be out of luck, given that such a high-profile new release is probably not going to be downshifted for a 10-year-old platform. PC should be guaranteed, although Comic Book points towards word from an “insider” who suggests that there won’t be a Day One release on PC:

Rumors have been floating around about what to expect from GTA 6 for years. One of the newest rumors come from insider Tez2 who claims GTA 6 will likely not get a day and date PC release alongside the console versions (via Dexerto). Tez2 noted that the game on PC is more buggy than the console versions and Rockstar is trying to avoid a disastrous PC launch like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1. With that said, the PC version won’t come until at least a few months after the console launch.

All of this information seems plausible enough, and although GTA 6 probably will not be a PS5-exclusive release, there’s a hefty chance that there will be a months-long delay for the PC version. Not only does that give opportunity to iron out bugs but up the chances of people purchasing the game on two platforms. And of course, it doesn’t hurt Sony to give players more incentive to wish for a PS5 under this year’s holiday tree.

(Via Rockstar Games & Comic Book)