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‘Beige Christmas is over’: Woman shares why colorful decorations beat ‘Crate & Barrel’

Every era has its own taste in interior decor, and the typical post-Millenium American home is saturated in grays and beige, or “Greige,” as the vibe is known. It’s a far cry from the flashiness of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, the Brownpolcalype that was the ‘80s, or the hunter green-hued ‘90s.

The current trend in minimalist decor, even during the holiday season, rubbed TikTokker Ave the wrong way, and she’s fighting back with an audacious display that recalls a world before farmhouse chic was a thing.

“I have decided that I will not be participating in ‘Minimalist Beige Christmas’ this year,” TikTok user Ave says while showing a picture of some very beige, very sparse holiday decor. “If this is what you like, if this is what you want, good for you, do it, enjoy the hell out of it. It’s not for me. I think this is pretty, I think it’s simple, I don’t think it’s giving enough. Not for me.”


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Ave wants to embrace the history and playfulness of the holiday by making her home a place where nostalgia trumps taste.

“The theme this year is nostalgic early 2000s Christmas. I want all the rainbow lights. I want the mismatched ornaments. I want the random wrapping paper. I want nostalgia,” she says. She wants her home to look like someone lives there on Christmas, not a “Crate & Barrel showroom.”

People in the comments feel she totally read the room regarding the vibe of Christmas 2023. “I loved the minimalist Christmas until I had kids, now I want to make sure they experience the Christmas magic I did growing up,” Makayla wrote. “The theme is to try to feel something this year,” NikandTorrie added.