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Wholesome Icon Dollarita Steve Is Cashing In On His Much-Deserved Moment Of Fame

Slamming Dollaritas Steve
Via KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco on YouTube

Have you ever seen someone live out their dream in real-time? Maybe. Have you ever seen someone singlehandedly bring back a discontinued food item for fun? Honestly, probably. But it never gets old when people are rewarded for their efforts, which is why these stories keep happening.

Dollarita Steve” or Steve Mazzari as he’s known to his close personal friends and many Instagram DMs, went viral recently for his love of slammin’ Dollaritas, specifically during an earthquake that hit California. The “earthquake” thing was just a side note, though, as everyone quickly became obsessed with the Dollarita Steve and forgot about the fact that some tectonic plates were shifting around a bit. It happens often!

Not only did Dolarita Steve get the attention of the nation, but also captured the attention of your favorite casual eatery, Applebees. The chain teamed up with Steve to promote the return of the Dollartia, which will remain at the SF location through November. By “promote” they mean he really just stands there but now he gets at least a little bit of credit for the craze.

The people of Applebees nation (who are not allowed to use the term the Beehive for obvious reasons) are not unfamiliar with the popular drink. The Dollarita (not to be confused with Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco, because they have similar names when you read it after one too many margs) first made its way onto the scene in 2017 and quickly became a fan favorite. The chain brought the drink back earlier this fall, and now Steve is doing his part in making sure that it stays. Of course, people are weird about it, but whatever, the guy is just helping his friends get some cheap drinks…while also cashing in some Cameo money.

Now is your time to slam some ritas before Applesbee’s jacks up its price back up to $8.

But this all raises another important question…

Who is going to be the brave soul to bring back Applebee’s cheesecake shooters?!!?