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Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Cobra (Rock Remix)’ Welcomes A Canadian Heavy Metal Band, And We’re Here For It

In the accompanying video for her latest single “Cobra,” Megan Thee Stallion illustrated shedding her past. In the song, she seemingly made several allusions to the aftermath of Tory Lanez’s trial and perhaps even her presumed ex, Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine, cheating on her. Not to mention, weeks before releasing “Cobra,” Megan Thee Stallion settled her years-long lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment and became an independent artist (as reported by Billboard). In other words, can’t nobody tell Hot Girl Meg nothin’ right now.

But she just told her Hotties what’s next on Instagram. On Wednesday night, November 8, Meg released “Cobra (Rock Remix)” featuring Spiritbox, a Canadian heavy metal band, alongside a brand-new visualizer.

“Cobra” already had rock-charged undertones, but the remix predictably amps up the guitar riffs and adds a verse from Spiritbox’s lead vocalist Courtney LaPlante, who ethereally sings, “I am shedding my skin / I need to harden my heart / To protect myself from the pain / Leave me alone in the dark / I am shedding my skin / I need to harden my heart / To protect myself, but the pains remains within.”

Before “Cobra” dropped last Friday, November 3, Megan Thee Stallion warned Hotties against trying to predict the song’s sound because “y’all are not gonna be able to guess.” And it’s likely safe to assume that no Hottie had a Spiritbox remix on the bingo card.

Watch the “Cobra (Rock Remix)” visualizer above.