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Nikki Haley Straight Up Called Vivek Ramaswamy ‘Scum’ During A GOP Presidential Debate After The Swarmy Pharma Bro Criticized Her Daughter For Using TikTok

Nikki Haley Vivek Ramaswamy Scum
NBC News

Oh hey did you know that there’s another GOP debate taking place tonight? (Sans Donald Trump, of course.) Well, there is! One that’s being hosted by NBC News and not Newsmax or or something. And we have fireworks already, it seems, as former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — who’s been enjoying a bump in the polls of late — broke out the knives for super-annoying-guy-at-the-dinner-party/ex-shady pharma bro Vivek Ramaswamy.

Reports The Guardian:

When it came the entrepreneur’s turn to talk about his policy on TikTok, Ramaswamy referred to Haley and said, “In the last debate, she made fun of me for actually joining TikTok while her own daughter was actually using the app for a long time, so you might want to take care of your family first.”

Haley shot back. “Leave my daughter out of your voice,” she said. And as Ramaswamy went on, she dismissed him, saying “you are just scum.”

You can watch the clip of the stunning moment below:

Hoo boy. Imagine Haley’s daughter, Rena, somewhere out there watching the debate and suddenly the swarmy pharma bro in the race is dragging you to try to take your mom down a peg or two. We say she and Eminem join forces to perform an anti-Vivek diss track.