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‘Rap Sh!t’: Here’s The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 1

'Rap Sh!t' 201 KaMillion as Mia

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Rap Sh!t episode will be found below.)

The events in the first episode of Max’s Rap Sh!t season two, titled “Yield,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them below and details about the scenes the records were heard in.

Reina Reign — “Tongue”

We hear this record during the opening scene of “Yield” as Reina Reign, Shawna, and Mia are shooting a video for their remix of “Tongue.” The trio are in a pink-lit kitchen for a video and they’re all directed to show their sex appeal while working with kitchen items, something that Shawna struggles to get the hang of.

Shawna & Mia & Raedio — “Seduce & Scheme”

This is the theme song of Rap Sh!t. It plays around the 2:17 mark in “Yield.” The song originally debuted in the inaugural episode of Rap Sh!t and it was the first song Shawna and Mia made after establishing their rap duo. An official full-length version of the song was recorded in season one, episode two.

Raedio, Ben Reilly, Bryant Taylorr & Tim Gent — “Fish & Grits” Feat. Cam & China

This song plays around the 6:26 mark as Mia tries on some outfits for tour. She also discovers that her friend will not be able to watch her daughter Melissa for the full month she’s on the road. We then shift to Duke who meets with one of her top sex workers who warns her of future troubles and proposes that she watch the rest of the girls while Duke is on tour with Shawna & Mia.

Fana Hues — “Float”

Fana Hues’ Flora + Fana record can be heard around the 7:57 mark as Mia meets with her Melissa’s father Lamont to ask if he can watch Melissa for two of the four weeks she’s on tour. There’s some tension between the two following last season’s events, but Lamont agrees to prioritize Melissa and take care of her during Mia’s tour.

Ice Spice — “Bikini Bottom”

Ice Spice’s hit song “Bikini Bottom” plays around the 9:08 mark as Shawna, Mia, and Duke meet at Francois’ house ahead of the tour. It’s here that Shawna, Mia, and Duke learn that the duo will only be able to perform one song, their “Tongue” remix, during their slot as the opening act for Lord AK. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that Shawna, Mia, and Duke will make money. Despite Duke’s frustrations and objections, Shawna & Mia decide to still go through with the tour.

Enchanting & Gucci Mane — “Issa Photoshoot”

Around the 12:52 mark, this record plays during a going away party for Mia with her friends and family. The drinks are flowing but the tension between Mia and her mother is still high as her mother is upset that Mia won’t let Melissa stay with her while she’s on tour. Mia and her sister also share an emotional moment before Mia’s mother gives a drunken speech.

Jordan Ward & Joony — “IDC”

Jordan Ward’s Forward track plays as Shawna and Francois hang out in the latter’s pool around the 15:22 mark. The two play a game of Never Have I Ever and reminisce about the memories they had as a former music duo as well as the things that happened after they split.

Jacques Laine — “Little Haiti” Feat. Seddy Hendrix

We hear this song around the 17:11 mark as Mia takes a dive into the pool and Francois joins her shortly after. We then transition to Lamont showing up to Mia’s party with Throat Coat as a going-away gift for Mia’s tour.

Rayn Lenae — “Skin Tight” Feat. Steve Lacy

Ravyn Lenae’s Hypnos record plays around the 22:12 mark during an intimate moment between Shawna and Maurice. It comes after the two shared a toast ahead of Shawna’s tour where Maurice wished her luck and celebrated her accomplishments.

Jean Deaux — “JD’s Revenge”

This track plays to close episode one after Maurice meets with his friend Stanley to let him know that he’s been called in for questioning by the police concerning the fraud investigation that’s ongoing at the old hotel Maurice and Shawna worked at. Maurice assures Stanley that Shawna did not snitch on them to the police, despite not having any proof of that, and Stanley warns that he will throw Shawna under the bus if it comes to it.

New episodes of ‘Rap Sh!t’ are available on Max on Thursday at 3am EST/ 12 pm PST.