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Sarah Silverman Gleefully Celebrated Tuesday’s Stunning Abortion Rights Wins On The ‘Daily Show’

In case you have not heard, Democrats and abortion rights were the big winners in Tuesday’s elections, which made some Fox News people really sad. Voters in Ohio essentially set the right to have an abortion in stone, the latest in a series of stinging rebukes from voters across America, including conservative-leaning states.

“This should be a major wake-up call on the abortion issue for us,” GOP consultant Stephen Lawson told NBC News. “The only way to expose the Democrats’ support for late-term abortion is for us to articulate a more empathetic, moderate approach on the issue…Until we do that, we will keep seeing the same result.”

Not surprisingly, comic Sarah Silverman — who when we last checked in on her was just as weirded out by creepy new GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson as the rest of us — opened the Daily Show with some jokes about the stunning defeats that the right-wing suffered on Tuesday night.

“Democrats were the big winners last night, which means all those human sacrifices were worth it,” Silverman quipped. “Shout out to my fellow Illuminati members, we did it…After the results rolled in, I got an email from Nancy Pelosi that wasn’t even asking for money. It just said, ‘Sarah, I am so wet right now!”

You can watch the segment above.