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Does Apple Music Have Audiobooks?

Apple Music
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Apple has bled into basically every aspect of daily life. Who among us hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole of the latest iOS update? By extension, Apple Music is constantly innovating — from interactive tools like collaborative playlists and SharePlay to the year-end Apple Music Replay. But do audiobooks also fall under the ever-expanding Apple Music umbrella?

Does Apple Music Have Audiobooks?

Apple Music can’t have everything, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. According to Apple Support, audiobooks are available via Apple Books. The Books app is where you can buy audiobooks, and purchased audiobooks will be placed in your library within the Apple Books app. Audiobooks are not included in the Apple Music app or under an Apple Music subscription.

in January, Screen Rant explained the potential confusion, as excerpted below:

“While this seems like a simple answer to uncover, its roots are traced back to the way iTunes was handled back in the day. All forms of content were available in the iTunes Store, from songs to audiobooks, which created a unified experience. When Apple made the decision to split iTunes’ services into multiple applications, that all changed. Now, there are separate Music, Books, and Podcast apps that each offer distinct services.”