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When Will Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Come Out?

New Line Cinema

Wesley Snipes will always be Blade, which is one reason why any posts about the Blade reboot still keep arriving with an image like the above ^^^ gem. Another reason? No reboot photos exist yet, unfortunately, because the new Blade fell into production hell, which was exacerbated by the writers’ and actors’ strikes. Now that those deals have mostly been settled, Hollywood is beginning to get back to work on the film that will star Mahershala Ali.

All of this is happening amid a few hiccups with preexisting Marvel magic. Those tough times reportedly led to major reworking of the script, including efforts that are still in process. And depending on how The Marvels box-office shakes out, we may yet see further shifts in plans, which would also occur after Variety reported that the budget has been significantly scaled back, so I guess that means any blood rave might not be so bloody, among other things.

Now, there’s this update that arrived from Entertainment Weekly, which details the release-date musical chairs following the end of the actor’s strikes:

Captain America: Brave New World and Blade will see considerable delays, as each has been pushed back nine months. Brave New World, starring Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford, has moved to Feb. 14, 2025, from July 26, 2024. It’s now on the date previously held by the Mahershala Ali vehicle Blade, which has been bumped back to Nov. 7, 2025 (more than six years after Ali’s casting was announced).

November 2025 feels a long way away, but given that Kevin Feige asked for a full script rehab in recent days, perhaps that wait will eventually be worth it.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)