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Will There Be A ‘Loki’ Season 3?

Loki Season 2 Finale

Loki Season 2 delivered an epic season finale on par with Season 1’s devastating reveal of He Who Remains, who once again made an appearance. However, this time around, the finale did not tease a new season of Loki, which has fans wondering if there will be a Season 3.

As of this writing, the answer is up in the air. Back in October, Loki executive producer Kevin Wright gave two answers to the question of whether the series will go on for more seasons.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wright opined on the possibility of Loki continuing especially considering Marvel’s pivot away from six-episode Disney+ mini-series to shows that could last for multiple seasons.

“How do we do these efficiently, but also so that we can have seasons three, four, five … ?” Wright said. “The whole idea of long form is you want these to be sustaining, and I think we’re starting to find that in Loki and deliver on it. So I would certainly love to keep telling stories in this little corner of the universe we’ve made.”

Obviously, that last line leaves the door open for Loki Season 3. However, Wright also said the following to Collider, and this quote is a little more ambiguous.

“[Season 2] was similar to Season 1 in we wanted to tell this story and tell it well, but even in Season 1, we obviously were thinking about where we were going. I would say Season 1 and Season 2 were developed and created as kind of two chapters of the same book,” Wright said. “We felt pretty strongly, all of us involved, that Season 2 was about closing that book.”

While that quote sounds like the Season 2 finale is the end of the line for Loki, which would track given the epic and emotional events that saw Loki transform into an all-powerful God of Stories, Wright added one last little caveat that could bode well for a Season 3. “There are many other books on the shelf for this character and for this world.”

Loki Seasons 1-2 are available for streaming on Disney+.