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Are Rihanna & ASAP Rocky Having A Third Baby?

asap rocky and rihanna
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A viral tweet has fans wondering whether ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, who have had two children in two years, are expecting a third.

The tweet features a photo of a pregnant Rihanna alongside the caption: “Rihanna confirmed that she & Asap Rocky are expecting their 3rd Baby.”

However, as it was later pointed out by users adding context, the photo is actually from May 2023, when she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, and neither Rihanna nor ASAP Rocky has made announcements regarding a third pregnancy.

The tweet, which has over 18,000 shares as of this writing, is a prime example of much of what has gone wrong on Twitter — also known as “X” because that’s a perfectly good and reasonable name for a social media platform (if you’re an out-of-town billionaire best known for promoting conspiracy theories and trying to fight other tech billionaires) — since its purchase by Elon Musk. Since anyone with eight bucks to their name can pretend to be “verified” and engagement is rewarded no matter its value or authenticity, there are plenty of trolls on there willing to do or say whatever they can to get attention — and a cut of Musk’s new profit sharing model.

Again, with the worth of information on the internet rapidly approaching zero, it’s important to take stock of how trustworthy or otherwise a news source really is.