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Cam’ron And Mase Thought DMX Was A Better Rapper Than Tupac And Here’s Why

Cam’ron and Mase recently appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, where they were asked, “Who was better: DMX or Tupac?”

Despite seeing the bait for what it was, both Cam and Mase dove in with thoughtful answers as both agreed that DMX was better.

However, rather than being driven by East/West Coast rivalries or their personal feelings about either man, Cam said his decision was based on getting to see X’s come up personally. As he put it, “I got see… from when he was in the tenement rappin’ to sellin’ ten, twenty, however millions of records he sold.”

Meanwhile, Mase pointed to how whole arenas would recite DMX’s lyrics, noting, “I think a lot of times, because you learn the flaws of n****s, you forget how great n****s really were.” You can check out a clip of them talking about the debate below.

Ever since Cam and Mase squashed their long-running feud last year, the two Harlem natives have proven to be utterly captivating podcast partners, whether on their own show talking about NBA rumors, or as guests on other shows addressing their long and storied careers. It was Cam’ron who first broke the news that Mase had gotten his publishing from Diddy, and they’ve teased new music to come.

You can watch their full interview above.