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Doja Cat Asked Her ‘Scarlet’ Alter Ego To ‘Sh*t On My Face’ And Shouted Out Satan In Her New Spoof Interview

Doja Cat’s Scarlet Tour left Uproxx’s Aaron Williams impressed with how Doja confronted “both the haters and the unhinged alter ego” named after her defiant Scarlet album. This morning (November 13), Doja Cat left nothing to the imagination when she dropped a six-minute spoof interview, which she teased over the weekend.

It starts with Doja Cat arriving on the set of a fake late-night television show hosted by her Scarlet alter ego. Within 45 seconds, Doja jokes to Scarlet, “I want you to sh*t on my face. I know that for a fact.” Somehow, it progressively gets even more unhinged.

Doja Cat discusses shaving her eyebrows and head, but clarifies, “I don’t shave my vagina.” Welp! Moving on then. Next up? The controversy surrounding Doja Cat losing “a little over a million followers” across social media, which Doja Cat blames on posting “a picture of Whoopi Goldberg’s nipples on Instagram.” That leads to a question about “what type of perks come with being in The Illuminati.”

Doja doesn’t flinch, saying, “Uh, free applesauce [and] chicken wings, but I haven’t seen any lizard guys in suits. […] I want to do goat sacrifices because that’s actually pretty spooky. Also, I’d love to give a shoutout to Satan.” Naturally, Scarlet asks whether Doja Cat ever indulges in worshipping Satan. After a quick belch, Doja says, “All the time. I give my demons free cheese.”

And we’re not even halfway home, guys. The second half of the spoof includes seemingly serious commentary from Doja Cat on how she’s evolved in her writing, but just when you think she’s being serious, she lets out a huge fart after saying, “I can express myself as me, and I have never been so comfortable.”

Watch it all above.