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‘I Thought He Was Wearing Ice Skates’: Donald Trump Gleefully Mocked Ron DeSantis For Struggling To Walk In His ‘High-Heel’ Cowboy Boots

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump’s main campaign strategy as of late has been body-shaming his Republican presidential rivals. He was previously obsessed with former Governor Chris Christie’s bulky physique but, as of late, it’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has caught his eye.

During a stump speech in New Hampshire over the weekend, Trump spent an inordinate amount of time theorizing about DeSantis’s height. Plenty of critics have speculated that the governor, who clocks in somewhere around 5 ft 11 in, has been wearing lifts in his shoes during public debates. Keen-eyed observers have even taken to Twitter to share videos of DeSantis struggling to walk comfortably during town hall talks.

But Trump took it to a whole new level, mocking DeSantis’ strange gait with a screwball impression in front of a pro-MAGA crowd.

“And I’m not wearing lifts, either, by the way,” Trump said while poking fun at DeSantis.

“I don’t have six-inch heels. Actually, the greatest moment of the debate was when Ron was walking – or Ron DeSanctimonious was walking – off the stage and his feet,” he continued, pretending to lose his balance as his arms flailed wildly. “He’s walking off stage like he’s trying to balance himself. I thought he was wearing ice skates.”

Trump spent the rest of his speech threatening tougher death penalty verdicts for drug dealers, confusing Obama for Biden, accusing Democrats of rigging elections, and praising the “look, strength, and voice” of Chinese Xi Jinping. But it was his terrible stand-up routine that will likely bother entrenched GOP members the most.