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HBO Released A Trailer For ‘Hard Knocks: In Season’ Featuring The Miami Dolphins

hard knocks miami dolphins

The Miami Dolphins were one of the NFL’s hottest teams to start the season, racking up an NFL record 70 points against Denver, but have not been able to beat the best teams on their schedule, with their three losses coming against the Bills, Eagles, and Chiefs.

As the season wears on, it’ll be fascinating to see whether they can find a way to beat those playoff caliber opponents, or if they are going to simply beat up on the bottom half of the league. We will get a chance to see that unfold unlike ever before as the Dolphins are the subject of this year’s “Hard Knocks: In Season,” as HBO and Max will take us behind the scenes of the Dolphins for a few weeks this season, starting on November 21.

If nothing else, getting more chances to hear from Mike McDaniel will be pretty entertaining, as the Miami coach is as unique a character as there is in the NFL’s coaching ranks. Beyond McDaniel, we might get a little insight into what makes this offense work so well, while seeing the defense try to figure out how to be a touch more consistent, with Jalen Ramsey almost assuredly being heavily featured by Hard Knocks.

We also will mostly see the Dolphins in two very different modes, as the next five weeks have them playing the Raiders, Jets, Commanders, Titans, and Jets (again), before closing the season with their last three real tests in the form of the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills. The show will take us through every week of the regular season (and stick with Miami through any playoff run), and it should be fascinating to see what the difference is between these next five weeks and the three that finish the regular season.