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Nicki Minaj Said Having Her Son Made Her Regret Getting Plastic Surgery: ‘Why Didn’t I Like This?”

In a new interview about her recent Vogue feature, Nicki Minaj expressed regret about getting plastic surgery earlier in her career, saying, she “could not believe” that she ever disliked the way she looked.

As she told the hosts of Vogue‘s The Run-Through podcast, “I guarantee you, if you change anything on your body and do anything surgical and all this, you’re going to — more than likely, not definitely, more than likely — look back one day and say, ‘I was fine just the way I was.’ And that’s what happened to me.”

She credited the change in her perspective to becoming a mother, saying, “Seeing my son did remind me of myself so much. My real self. And it made me think, ‘Why didn’t I like this?’ So weird. But seeing old photos, being able to look at old photos again made me realize, these old photos are beautiful.”

The “Last Time I Saw You” rapper has addressed her past insecurity before, telling Joe Budden she “didn’t feel complete or good enough” being in hip-hop around women with big butts — many the result of BBL (“Brazilian butt-lift”) surgery. More of her rap peers (and rivals) have been opening up about having surgeries, including Cardi B, Doja Cat, Latto, and SZA, who have all opened up about getting work done, but who have also warned fans about going overboard.

Minaj is working on her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2, which is scheduled to be released on December 8 after being pushed back twice. Check out her “73 Questions” with Vogue clip above.