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Bad Bunny Isn’t Here For The Viral AI-Generated Song Using His Voice Or Those Who Secretly Enjoyed The Track

Bad Bunny
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The use of artificial intelligence software within the arts continues to rise, especially in music. With the Recording Academy’s recent inclusion of AI-generated recordings in the Grammy nomination pool, it won’t slow down anytime soon. While artists like Grimes embrace the advancement of sonic tech, others, such as Drake, are adamantly against it. Bad Bunny is another superstar who has come out in opposition to AI-generated recordings.

On November 6, the “Baticano” musician took to his WhatsApp community chat to blast a now-viral AI-generated track using his voice and its supporters. “If you guys liked that shit of a song that’s viral on TikTok, leave this group right now. You don’t deserve to be my friend, and for that [reason], I made the new album to get rid of people like that. So then ‘chu chu’ out of here… My God, I don’t want you at the tour either,” wrote Bad Bunny.

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Fans online shared their thoughts on the AI-generated track.

“That Bad Bunny AI song is so fucking good, lol,” wrote one user.

“Bad Bunny hates that AI song with his voice, but it slaps so much sorry,” penned another.

“I still don’t understand why people are mad at Bad Bunny’s reaction to that AI song. I would be upset too if my voice was being used like that, especially as an artist,” remarked another.