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Congress Has Gone Full WWE Today With Republican-Incited Brawls Nearly Breaking Out In The House And The Senate (That Bernie Sanders Had To Break Up)

Bernie Sanders
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Two GOP-fueled clashes have happened thus far on Tuesday, and the day is barely half over yet. Surprisingly enough as well, rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert was not involved in either of these fights. Then again, she surely wants to tone down her firebrand ways after a certain “high school” insult (about her alleged promiscuity) got tossed her way last week. So, these feuds are all about the congressional dudes, and boy, they need to get it together.

One altercation was so pumped-up with attempted flexing that Bernie Sanders had to get involved to stop fists from actually flying. Sen. Markwayne Mullin, who owns a plumbing company in Oklahoma, had it out with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien. The launching point for the below video involves Mullin taking issue with a June tweet, in which O’Brien not only took a visual swing at Mullin’s height but also labeled him as a “[g]reedy CEO who pretends like he’s self made. In reality, just a clown & fraud. Always has been, always will be. Quit the tough guy act in these senate hearings. You know where to find me. Anyplace, Anytime cowboy. #LittleManSyndrome.”

That’s not all. During a March hearing, Mullin previously shouted “shut your mouth!” at O’Brien after detailing how Teamsters were once allegedly “leaning up against my trucks” while attempting to organize his employees. And the acrimonious nature continued on Tuesday with O’Brien vowing that he’d be ready to fight “any time, any place.” Mullin stood up like he was ready to throw down, and that’s when Bernie stepped in.

Poor Bernie. He would rather be sitting over there and making grumpy faces, but his GOP colleagues are all pumped up for some reason.

The second fiasco involves recently ousted ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who still isn’t getting along with all of his colleagues. Rep. Tim Burchett accused McCarthy of elbowing him with a “clean shot to the kidneys.” At that link, CNN detailed how McCarthy denied doing so, but NPR congressional correspondent Claudia Grisales relayed in a Twitter thread how she witnessed how McCarthy “shoved” Burchett before a “chase” broke out.

Burchett insisted to Grisales that the two men haven’t been on speaking terms, but man, this sequence of events tells a tale.

And it’s only Tuesday!