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Fox News Hosted Romance Novel Cover Model Fabio As An Expert To Pontificate At Length About The Israel-Hamas War

Fox News

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has understandably led to high emotions. Covering it requires a delicate touch. That’s why Fox News brought on a well-known expert on geopolitics: Fabio. On Tuesday the world’s most famous romance novel cover model went on-air to speak with Neil Cavuto about the pro-Israel demonstration that took place in D.C., as well as the pro-Palestinian protests that have erupted over the nation. It was more surreal than informative.

Per The Daily Beast, Fabio (full-name Fabio Lanzoni) spent most of his interview slamming President Joe Biden and hatching conspiracy theories about who was really behind the Oct. 7 Hamas attack. (Hint: It was Hamas.) After calling Biden the “weakest president in the history of the United States,” the former “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spokesperson went on to throw out some ideas about the roots of the conflict, which one would arrive at “if you really do your research,” of course.

“Israel was closing a deal with Saudi Arabia… so that they could ship all the oil to Europe—and, of course, most of the oil comes from Russia—and to Asia,” Fabio speculated. “So, of course, who was selling the oil to Asia? Iran. That is why Iran, all of a sudden, attacked Israel. That’s the real reason.”

Is it, though? Cavuto, who called the Exorcist III bit player a “great student of history,” seemed to think so.

Cavuto also asked Fabio about all the support Palestine has received during the deadly bombings, which have left thousands of civilians dead, including children. Fabio slammed those who would defend “people who want to blow themselves up so they can be with 72 virgins.” He also argued Israel’s response is appropriate.

“Israel is just trying to defend itself,” Fabio said. “If anything would have happened in the United States like it happened on Oct. 7, the United States would have nuked the border country.”

If you’re surprised Fox News was asking Fabio for his opinions on the news, you shouldn’t be. Back on 2018, Tucker Carlson earned jeers when he brought him on to talk about Los Angeles, which he compared to Sodom and Gomorrah. Amazingly, the largest city in California is still mostly doing just fine.

(Via The Daily Beast)